Easy Steps to Do Netgear WiFi Extender Reset

Easy Steps to Do Netgear WiFi Extender Reset

Are you troubled by the Netgear WiFi extender poor internet issues? Are you trying to troubleshoot some serious issue with your Netgear extender? Have you forgotten the Netgear admin password? Are you not satisfied with the current configuration settings of your Netgear extender and want to do a fresh start? Is the firmware on your device got corrupted? If the answer to any of these questions is yes and you are exhausted with all other possible solutions, then it is time you do a Netgear WiFi extender reset. But how to reset your extender? What will happen after resetting it? What is the next process after you have reset your device? If you want answers to these questions, then continue reading further.


What Will Happen After Resetting Netgear Extender?

You just got to know what are some possible situations that may put you in a situation to reset your extender. Now before we tell you how to reset the extender, let us help you understand what will happen after you have reset it.

After resetting the extender, the current configuration settings will be deleted from it. That will include the customized settings, login password, and any feature that was enabled by you. when the current settings are erased, the previous settings or the factory default settings will be restored on it. It will be as good as a new device.


How to Reset Netgear WiFi Extender?

You can reset your Netgear wireless range extender by using any of the two ways that are discussed in the next section.


Netgear Extender Reset via Reset Button

  • Connect the Netgear WiFi range extender to a well-working power socket if you haven’t done it yet.
  • Turn on its power button.
  • Look for the button named Reset on the extender.
  • Press it gently when found.

Netgear extender is reset to the factory settings using the reset button or the hard reset method.

Netgear Extender Reset via Web Browser

You can also reset your extender using the web browser by accessing its settings using the web address or the default IP address FYI, this method can be followed if you haven’t forgotten the login password and are still able to access the login page of the extender. In all the other situations, you will have to follow the previous procedure. Here are the instructions for the same:

  • Make sure you have connected the Netgear WiFi range extender to the power source and the extender is powered up.
  • Also, ensure that it is connected to the host router and receives a proper signal from it.
  • Now, grab hold of a PC and power it up.
  • Load an internet browser on the PC now.
  • Hover over the mouse cursor to the URL bar of the browser and begin typing the default web address or the IP address carefully. Avoid making any typing errors while entering the web address.
  • Once you are done typing the complete address hit the Enter key on the keyboard.
  • You will see that the Netgear extender login page is displayed.
  • On this page, input the login username and password of your Netgear account. If you have never changed the default credentials then use the default credentials, otherwise use the updated ones.
  • Click on the Log In button after this.
  • This step will unlock the door to the Netgear extender admin page.
  • In the settings, find the Factory Reset button and click on it.
  • A confirmation window will open up. Confirm by clicking on Yes and reset the current settings to the factory settings.

This is how you can reset your Netgear extender using the web browser or the soft reset button.


What is the Next Process After Reset?

After you have reset the Netgear range extender, you need to set it up again from the very beginning. You can follow any method as per your liking to set up your extender. Use the WPS button or the manual method or you can also use the Nighthawk app to do this task. Whatever method you use, make sure you are following all the steps correctly as mentioned in the user manual.

To Briefly Conclude

This is all about how to reset a Netgear wireless range extender to the factory settings.  After you are done resetting the extender, set it up and begin accessing its network on various devices in a trouble-free manner.