How to Change the Login Credentials of Victony WiFi Extender?

How to Change the Login Credentials of Victony WiFi Extender?

You need the login credentials to access the admin dashboard of the Victony wireless range extender. Be it the firmer update or modify any settings, you need to log in first and then make the desired changes. When you do the initial Victony WiFi extender setup, then also the login is needed. At that time you use the default login credentials that are available in the user manual. Do you know that the user manual of all the Victony extenders is available to download online? What does that mean? This implies the login info is available to anyone. With that said, your network is prone to cyber threats.

How to Keep the Network Safe?

There are plenty of ways that you can use to keep your home network safe. Updating the firmware on the extender, for instance, is a way to keep the WiFi bandits away. What else you can do? You must change the default login credentials right after you are done with the setup process and keep your network safe. You also need to alter the WiFi password. You must use strong and hard-to-guess passwords and change them once in three months. This way you can enhance the security of your home WiFi.

How to Change the Login Credentials of Victony Extender?

1. Connect the Victony WiFi extender to an active wall outlet to supply power to it. The power outlet that you use should be damage free. Simply put, the extender should receive an adequate power supply.
2. Turn on the power button to power up your extender.
3. Wait till the lights are solid.
4. Now, turn your PC on. You can put to use a computer or a laptop that is updated to the latest version. If it is not updated yet, consider updating it this moment.
5. After this, load an internet browser of your choice. But the browser should be updated one. Also, flush out the cache, cookies, and junk files from it by getting to its settings.
6. Thereafter, move the mouse cursor to the URL bar of the browser and type the default web address or the default IP address. Do not make any typing errors here. Also, make sure you are using the URL bar and not the search bar of the browser. Avoid using the private window to access the login page.
7. Once you are done typing the address, hit enter to access the Victony extender login page.
8. Now, use the default login credentials and put them in the designated fields. Be mindful of the fact that the username, as well as password, are case-sensitive. So, the caps lock key should be disabled.
9. Click on log in button.
10. Once you are logged in, go to Settings.
11. Thereafter locate the Admin Settings.
12. Find the option to hange the admin credentials and change the username as well as the password.
13. Click on Apply or Save to make the changes effective.
The login credentials of your Victony wireless range extender are now changed. You can access the admin dashboard using the new credentials now.

Tips for Good Password

1. The password should be unique.
2. Use a long password.
3. Include alphabets, numbers as well as special characters in the password.
4. You can use a passphrase as a password which will make it easy to be remembered.
5. Avoid using common names, pet names, date of birth, anniversary dates, etc. as passwords.

To Conclude

Right after you have changed the admin login details of your Victony WiFi range extender, access the admin dashboard using the new username and password and update the firmware of your extender. To manually update your device, you first need to download the firmware file on the PC and then install it on the extender. Make sure that you download the correct file. If you try to install the wrong file on the device, it can brick the device. You may need to do Victony WiFi extender reset in such an event.
You can use any process to update firmware, but make sure that the firmware on your extender is the latest one. This way you have taken one more step towards securing your home network. Make it a note that the firmware on your device should always be updated to the most recent version. Also, change the WiFi as well as the login password once in three months.